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JANTX1N4961D▏It's clear from this sophomore novel that Boulley really knows how to construct a riveting, culturally focused thriller. Perry's deep-dive into the injustice of colonialist institutions treating her ancestors' remains as if they are things to be collected and catalogued rather than former people deserving of respect is compelling and current. The concept of the repatriation of objects that were stolen from their people is often in the news, and this book offers a very visceral view of what it might feel like to have your culture disrespected by the very people who claim to cherish history and culture. Perry herself, like her Auntie Daunis before her, is a formidable character who will not suffer fools and will not wait around for permission or salvation. Her sense of self, her faith in her family, and her dedication to her beliefs make her a pleasure to spend time with.▔C0805C103J8HAC7800➯Here's a brief recap of Vallow Daybell's history, and the murder trial:♂


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C0805R274K5RAC7800➙MARGARET BRENNAN: All right. Nikki Haley, thank you for coming on today and making your case.♠VJ1210A221KBAAT4X➧Obama was president at the time, in the third year of his first term (just as Biden is now) and the Republicans had just taken over the House in the most recent midterms. Then as now, there was a new speaker of the House. In 2011 it was John Boehner of Ohio, a veteran of the intraparty struggles of two decades. He was known as a negotiator as well as a survivor.×


◐"I could not be more excited to be a partner in the proposed new ownership group for the Washington Commanders," Johnson tweeted. "Josh Harris has assembled an amazing group who share a commitment to not only doing great things on the field but to making a real impact in the (Washington-area) community. I'm so excited to get to work on executing our vision for the Commanders and our loyal fanbase."☈1206Y5003P90CAR☆ ▤DDZX43-7↦He died in 2017 at age 88 after struggling with Alzheimer's disease.◇RSD160P05TL▃“I just don’t think it’s appropriate for someone to make this commitment to run for national office while he maintains his job at home,” Eskamani said. “We have too much to do in Florida that requires 100 percent of your undivided attention.”⊙

➨When someone makes a dramatic claim that vaccines are killing millions, it's their burden to show the evidence, said Morris, not the other way around.▬1330-10G⚘Speaking to reporters before departing Seoul, Kishida said he hoped to further strengthen his personal relationship with Yoon and "work together to carve out a new era."♥


❉In addition to public criticisms of the company, video has also emerged on social media of people throwing Pride displays to the floor in a Target store.┱2225Y5K00560KCT▤"Short of a default, brinkmanship over the debt limit can also impose serious economic costs," Yellen said as a three-day meeting of finance ministers and central bank chiefs began in the port city of Niigata ahead of the G-7 summit later this month in Hiroshima.◨135D277X9006F6↯Roman finally tells Kendall not that he fired Joy, but that he wants to fire Joy. Kendall says sure. Roman adds that he fired Gerri. "Shiv's godmother Gerri?" Kendall asks, seemingly worried. But, swept away by excitement and brotherhood, Kendall says yes to this, too. WHY NOT, LET'S FIRE EVERYBODY WE'RE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER, WOOOOOO! It was around this point that I began to wonder what we are to assume is the current state of Kendall's sobriety.RFG30P05☀Her advice for people relying on social media for information, particularly in a crisis, is to try and see what information is available about a particular source of news you're seeing.☣

▆She was talking about the police department of this suburban Northern California town, about 45 minutes northeast of Oakland.ⓥC1206C391M8HACAUTO⇠He graduated from Baruch College in 1990 and earned his law degree from Hofstra University in 1994.⇦


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C318C561GAG5TA♨The salad chain told NPR it decided to rename its new chipotle chicken menu item, following its fellow fast casual restaurant's legal challenge over the previously named "Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl."VS-ST1000C14K1□The Biden administration has appealed the Texas decision and requested an emergency stay of the injunction. A federal appeals court is likely to weigh in this week.◎

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