M39003/01-5434H Specifications


  1. 2120-H-RC
  2. GE330K
  3. BSZ130N03LSGATMA1
  4. GA1812A471GXGAT31G
  5. 1812J0500820JAT

M39014/02-1303VTR1♂In the past decade or so, gentrification and exploding housing costs in cities such as San Francisco and Oakland drove displaced poor people here — especially people of color. As Oakland's Black population shrank, Antioch's grew.♡C1206C225J3RACTU➜The Department of Education has found that a Georgia school district may have created a hostile environment for students by banning certain books from its libraries, the agency's Office of Civil Rights said.♠


  1. P160-122KS
  2. GRM31CC80G227ME11K
  3. 0805Y5000120FCT
  4. 2225J0160275KXT
  5. GCJ21BR72A333KA01L

VJ0603D2R7BLPAP⇦Many would have gotten a lower sentence if they were charged today with the same offense because of changes in the laws. A commuted sentence means they'll spend less time in home confinement.▤1111J5000161JQT◘The city, which was named Artyomovsk after a Bolshevik revolutionary when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, also was known for its sparkling wine production in underground caves. Its broad tree-lined avenues, lush parks and stately downtown with imposing late 19th-century mansions — all now reduced to a smoldering wasteland — made it a popular tourist destination.↗


  1. 199D685X0035DXV1
  2. MMBZ5254BS-7-F
  3. 1808J1K00473KXR
  4. 1N2137AR
  5. CC453232-820KL

DHR4E4B331K2BB▶His home includes a sleeping area, a living room, and a small kitchen with a coffee machine, microwave, and lots of frozen food.♣C0603X279D4HACAUTO✄If no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote on Sunday, there will be a second round May 28. At stake is the direction of a pivotal country of 85 million people — and, some argue, the fate of its democracy.↭


  1. C0603C110M4HAC7867
  2. GRM022R61A821MA12L
  3. C0805C682J4RECAUTO
  4. 2474R-23J
  5. C0603X111K1HAC7867

1812J0630103MXT۰The welfare misspending scandal has ensnared high-profile figures, including retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre, who is not facing criminal charges but is among more than three dozen defendants in a civil lawsuit that the current Human Services director filed to try to recover some of the welfare money wasted while Davis was in charge.▎S401E⇠Pharmacies facing shortages will be directed to a state website where they can find information about how to request pills from the misoprostol supply.▲


♥If you're among those hoping to jet off to somewhere fun this summer, here's what you can expect.☀JANTXV2N1893↗In a statement released Tuesday evening, a spokesperson for the network said "Rupert Murdoch has been listed as executive chairman of FOX News in our SEC filings since 2019 and this filing was referenced by Dominion's own attorney during his deposition."♡1812J2000392KDR↲And in South Carolina, where abortion remains legal through 22 weeks of pregnancy, the vote marked the third time a near-total abortion ban has failed in the Republican-led Senate chamber since the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade last summer.↕1PMT4130/TR13➫The more time that passes, and the further away a Mercer (and Mekhi) acceptance feels, Autumn begins to focus on the fact that going to such great lengths to bring people together is bringing her joy. I believe this is truly the lynchpin of Garrett's novel: the oft-overlooked importance of joy in a driven young person's efforts to achieve their goals.【

☍Minnesota Department of Corrections spokesman Andy Skoogman announced Friday that former officer Kim Potter was to be released after serving about 16 months of her two-year sentence. He said the exact timing of her departure Monday from Minnesota Correctional Facility-Shakopee won't be disclosed for security reasons.✉1825J0100333KXT✎"The cause of the fire will be the subject of a future investigation, and our immediate priorities remain the safety of people and the environment," Shell Deer Park said.❉

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