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◄One of the key figures in the network was a former powerful boss, Rocco Morabito, who was arrested in 2021 in Brazil after nearly 20 years as a fugitive. The investigation also confirmed the enduring strength of a handful of well-known 'ndrangheta clans that operate in the Calabrian town of San Luca.☺S0603-15NF2C➸"Italy has been a pioneer in retrieving illegally exported antiquities from museums and private collections abroad.▬T491A334M035AT4153⇈The foreman said jurors also did not know about a police report that was changed to remove mention that Denver Miller "seemed to be intoxicated" when officers went to the family home to investigate a burglary about six hours before the shooting. Nor did they know about a psychologist's report concluding that Miller exhibited classic signs of battered woman syndrome.✪2220Y0160105KDR▧The king will hold the Sovereign's Orb in his right hand during the service. It's a 17th-century golden sphere adorned with precious jewels and a cross on top, meant to represent the Christian world. Charles will also be presented with two scepters during his coronation: Both are golden rods. One is known as the Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross. It features a heart-shaped diamond nestled below a cross, symbolizing power and justice. The other features a dove and is known as the Rod of Equity and Mercy.♂

❑South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel has assigned extra regional agents to the homicide investigation in hopes that knowledgeable parties might be more willing to speak now, according to a March 22 press release.◪2225J1K50101GCT♘New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, in a news conference Wednesday, thanked Zoo Miami for stopping the encounter program. “They’ve acknowledged that what they were doing wasn’t appropriate, or wasn’t right, or wasn’t fair, to the kiwi,” he said.✲


↓Norway's Energy Minister Terje Aasland told NRK that although the Supreme Court has ruled that the construction of the wind farm is invalid, the court does not say anything about what should happen to it.◩2225J1K00152JXR♨LOS ANGELES (AP) — The "giant pothole" that Arnold Schwarzenegger said he recently filled on a street in his Los Angeles neighborhood was actually a trench that had been dug for utility work, according to the city.⇡C1206X102M2RECAUTO☢Russia has denied any wrongdoing, contending the children were moved for their safety.▒C333C823K1G5TA7301"We will keep going, never quit lunar quest," he said.➼

♠Unique as he is in many ways, Trump is not the first president to gaze out the White House windows and wonder if one day he might wake up behind bars.◁FK11X7R1H335K▤"So we've got the refrigerator, we've got the hundreds of vessels ready to be served, benches where people would sit... and behind the refrigerator is an oven that would have been used... for cooking food," project director Holly Pittman told AFP.↽


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0805J0160151MXR♪Four horses were scratched — Practical Move, Lord Miles, Continuar and Skinner — in recent days. Practical Move and Skinner had fevers, while Continuar wasn't in peak condition, according to his Japanese trainer. Lord Miles was Joseph's Derby horse.▍IMC0603ER56NJ01✿They describe a dire situation in the city, with no electricity, water or medicine, as they cower amid the brutal urban warfare going on in their residential neighborhoods.→

✑The victims and their families in both cases agreed to the plea bargain after months of discussion, according to reporting from Connecticut Public Radio.◦

➶Many would have gotten a lower sentence if they were charged today with the same offense because of changes in the laws. A commuted sentence means they'll spend less time in home confinement.◆


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