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⇕Analysts have said Bakhmut's fall would be a blow to Ukraine and give some tactical advantages to Russia but wouldn't prove decisive to the outcome of the war.▣


♥On Thursday, the U.S. Education Department announced a proposed change to Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs. The proposal would make it illegal for schools to broadly ban transgender students from sports teams that align with their gender identity, rather than their assigned sex at birth.☇GCM319R71H104KA37J∷Adidas terminated its partnership with Ye back in October after the rapper made antisemitic comments. The company stopped its production of Yeezy products as well as payments to Ye and his companies.▤0603J0160122MXT⊙In its statement, Bioré said it wanted to “provide meaningful support” to consumers who’ve said mental health is important to them. The partnership with Max-Brown was meant to amplify her “authentic, unscripted” story about mental health struggles to reduce the stigma around them.❁CDR31BP270BJWS㊣North Carolina's highest court has overruled its earlier decision in a congressional redistricting lawsuit, throwing into question the case's status at the U.S. Supreme Court and whether that court's justices will rule on a contentious elections issue.☢

✐Hundreds of rafts were set up close to the coast of Pamban island, laden with seaweed.△T491C476K010AT4860⇁The suspension of Pinduoduo — mainly used in China — comes amid heightened U.S.-China tensions over Chinese-owned apps such as TikTok, which some U.S. lawmakers say could be a national security threat. They allege that such apps could be used to spy on American users.⇗


﹌About half of all fatal domestic blazes in New Zealand also involve alcohol or drugs, fire and emergency services say.✲CDR31BP220BJUR-ZANAE⇢Doctors are showing — through their words and actions — that they are reluctant to practice in places where making the best decision for a patient could result in huge fines or even a prison sentence. And when clinics that provide abortions close their doors, all the other services offered there also shut down, including regular exams, breast cancer screenings, and contraception.✃VJ0603Y152MXXPW1BC↕The company added: "Nobody should have exclusive rights in a common phrase. Can you imagine if we weren't allowed to say 'what's up' or 'brunch?' Chaos."√CDCH8D38/ANP-680KC◥As of Wednesday morning, Twitter had not applied the "state-affiliated" label to other outlets that directly or indirectly receive any public funds, such as PBS.↕

♧Thompson said officials took time to thoroughly review the case before pressing charges to ensure justice is done.↢BZD27C30PHR3G↳ 

☁Gomez and the child – both from Fort Worth, about 28 miles from Keene – fled the area, but Gomez eventually returned to the scene. Law enforcement tracked and arrested the child in Rio Vista, about 14 miles south of Keene. Police confiscated several firearms from the minor.◈


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IRFD311✡"They can go on to college or a career and really handle anything that life throws at them," said 5280's founder and executive director, Dr. Melissa Mouton.◊VJ0603A272JXJPW1BC↝Vallow Daybell's religious beliefs about zombies and the end of the world have been mentioned several times, including her purported ability to perceive people as being "dark" — under the influence of evil.▧


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