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BSF083N03LQG☈Steve Kiefer, a retired General Motors executive whose son, Mitchel, was killed in a 2016 distracted driving crash, said cell phones are a primary cause of distraction. But technology is available to prevent it including "do not disturb" modes, as well as apps and in-car systems that watch drivers to make sure they're paying attention.✦SCR74B-470▊RICHMOND, Va. — Nearly six years after a large gathering of white nationalists in Charlottesville erupted in violent clashes with counter-protesters, a grand jury in Virginia has indicted multiple people on felony charges for carrying flaming torches with the intent to intimidate.➱

⊟The NFL, along with other pro leagues, this week formed the Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising, a group described as a voluntary alliance to control how consumers see advertising and to rein in "excessive" advertising.§


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T95R127M010ESAL▨The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, heard the news all the way in Italy and tweeted that "mistaking art for pornography is just ridiculous." Nardella invited the school official to Florence to recognize her on behalf of the city.▪1808Y2500331JXR✤She pleaded with creators to not be "the worst."☂

↛"We've been conditioned into judging similar, if not the same, behavior by white athletes and Black athletes differently," Blackistone told Morning Edition. "And this was another anecdote to go along with that qualitative evidence."√

♠"Open your medicine cabinet. In the privacy of your bathroom, in the privacy of your home, I wonder what's sitting up in there. ... You don't want me getting in your business, do you?" she said.☚

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