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☜Then the monarch puts his hand on a Bible and takes an oath to uphold the law and be a "faithful Protestant." (In addition to being Britain's head of state, he's also the head of the Church of England.)■1812J1000274KDT△Kraus believes silence can be a benefit to children. When she and her team monitored kids with "noisy brains" under scalp electrodes, they found that periods of silence helped lessen the static.☼D332Z20Y5VH65L2R✙Ukraine's government denied any involvement, accusing Moscow of using the incident as a pretext for escalating attacks in Ukraine.→C328C512KAG5TA↧"No U.S. citizen was in the convoy," Nigerian police spokesman Ikenga Tochukwu confirmed.♨

✍The mood in the Nebraska Capitol has been volatile since lawmakers on Tuesday advanced by a single vote the hybrid measure that ties together restrictions that Republicans have pursued across the U.S. One lawmaker, Omaha state Sen. Megan Hunt, disclosed in March that her teenage son is transgender and said Friday that she now plans to leave the state.◦2225Y5000184MXT☭"I acknowledge and understand how the loss of a young, vibrant leader and innovator has rocked our city and even beyond," Jenkins said.✄

♞The FAA also faces staffing shortages that have slowed air traffic, and an outage in an alert system in January briefly stopped all departing flights nationwide.⊿


⇤"A very wet year – like the year we are having now – could trigger germination of all of these seeds at once, leading to a superbloom," Funk added.●12101U560JAT2A⇏After receiving her commission, she stayed on at OCS to train subsequent classes.❣IHLP3232DZERR47M01✪Iran said Saturday it executed a former high-ranking defense ministry official and dual Iranian-British national, despite international warnings not to carry out the death sentence. The execution further escalated tensions with the West amid the nationwide anti-government protests shaking the Islamic Republic.↭2220J2000153GCT➤That reflects the violence surrounding the creation of India and Pakistan. "The treaty was in some ways, the unfinished business of partition," Alam says, referring to when the British divided their former colony into two countries: India and Pakistan. The partition triggered murderous sectarian violence. Millions of Muslims fled to Pakistan; Millions of Hindus and Sikhs fled to India. The brutality of partition led water negotiators to the conclusion that the two countries would not be able to share water, so the treaty divided up the rivers instead.✿

♣Infuriated by what she called a "horrific demand for censorship," Tokuda-Hall gave Scholastic a hard no.▬1825Y0630181JCR₪Veterans funding is currently a key part of two high-stakes showdowns in Washington: budget talks and the possible default on America's debt. If the U.S. defaults, as soon as June 1, the Department of Veterans Affairs could be short of cash. And that means Jesse Reynolds could be broke on the first of the month.⇋


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VJ1206A272JXBCW1BC⊞Hamlin's heart stopped beating after a tackle during an away game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan. 2. He received CPR on the fields within minutes, which experts credit with drastically improving his odds of survival.❉M39003/01-2761/TR❏If convicted of the federal charges, he would have faced a maximum sentence of 20 years for each of four counts of wire fraud, plus a maximum of 10 years for each of two counts of embezzling funds from an organization receiving more than $10,000 in federal benefits.▐


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SCRH74-121↨The Fifth Circuit's decision could come at any time, and it is certain to be appealed back to the Supreme Court. Under the emergency stay issued last month, mifepristone will continue to be available until the Supreme Court rules again or it refuses to hear the appeal.♠GMC21CG101J25NT♚Like Mount Vesuvius in Italy and Mount St. Helens in Washington state, Popocatépetl is a stratovolcano capable of catastrophic, explosive eruptions, the last of which came around the year 800.♬

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