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のIn a news release Wednesday, the agency said the search was suspended pending "further developments" after SEMAR — the Mexican navy — and the Coast Guard spent roughly 280 hours searching Mexico's northern Pacific coast.♟1206J0250221MDR♡Since being forced from his premiership four years into his five-year term, Khan has been accused of wrongdoing in more than 100 legal cases — a frequent hazard for opposition figures in Pakistan, where rights groups say the courts are used to quash dissent by the military-backed government.▍2220Y0630220KCR◙Francesco Villi, 73, attacked neighbors on three floors of his building on Sunday night, killing three men and two women and wounding a sixth person, the 66-year-old wife of the board president, who is expected to survive, according to officials. One of the officers who responded to a call about an active shooter inside the building in the suburb of Vaughan shot and killed Villi, authorities said.♙1812Y1K00471MET↠The White House has been trying to assess the damage from the leaks. National Security Council spokesman Jack Kirby said Tuesday that President Biden has tasked the director of national intelligence to conduct a "systematic intelligence community-wide damage assessment, so that we may better understand the full scope of what we're dealing with."☂

⇣The Henryetta Public School system issued a statement late Monday saying that "several" students were among the victims.PA4304.102NLT◆"Put simply: a skeptical public will be primed to doubt the authenticity of real audio and video evidence," Chesney and Citron wrote.↭

■A gunman opened fire Friday night near a synagogue in east Jerusalem, killing at least seven people and wounding several before he was shot and killed, Israeli police and medics said.➻

▦A Chinese government readout after the call said it will send a special representative "to Ukraine and other countries to have in-depth communication with all parties on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis."⇣


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B82144B1824J£Her description of the world of money is "hella male, hella pale and hella stale."☺SCRH5D28-820♛Dozens of people were also wounded, they said.◘

™First, India boycotted the court of arbitration, Gupta says. On January 25, India sent a notice to Pakistan that it wanted to modify the water treaty directly with Pakistan, excluding the World Bank. Pakistan responded, says Syed Muhammad Mehar Ali Shah, who is in charge of water treaty issues for Pakistan. "We would like to hear the concerns of the Indian side," he says, but declined to elaborate.⇒

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