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△KYIV, Ukraine — When Christopher James Campbell dropped out of school, sold his belongings and moved to Ukraine in the spring of 2022, his loved ones weren't sure why.⇁

☢Tuesday's airstrikes recalled Israel's similar targeted attacks that killed Islamic Jihad commanders in Gaza in the summer of 2022. The surprise strikes set off a three-day blitz that led to the deaths of the militant group's two top commanders and other militants. Some two dozen Palestinian civilians — who have paid a high price over the years in Israeli attacks on Gaza — were also killed.✌


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K683M10X7RF53L2☟Tokyo — When three men armed with crowbars ransacked a luxury watch shop in broad daylight in Tokyo's posh Ginza shopping district this week, onlookers stood by and watched the robbery play out in baffled amazement.▒IXFT80N10Q✤Conred said ash was falling to the west and southwest of the volcano, in a direction away from the capital Guatemala City, which is 22 miles to the northeast.❄


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K472K20C0GF53H5↯Faced with criminal charges for the first time for any former president, Donald Trump ripped from a well-worn page in his playbook Tuesday night — lashing out with a, at times, bigoted speech full of lies and conspiracies.▄PM150DSA120▣The judge, known for his even-keeled demeanor on his bench over the years, repeatedly lost his equanimity with Fox's blue-ribbon legal team, as the trial neared.Θ


✉At HSS, Orlov has already undergone a number of procedures, from which he is currently healing. In Ukraine, it was unclear if he'd be able to keep his legs. Today, thanks to HSS, it looks increasingly like they will someday be fully functional again, according to Fufa. He is currently recovering from his surgeries; his medical team is monitoring him and will evaluate his condition once his bones heal.♪RN4610(TE85L,F)○The law prohibits using the mail to spread information or materials deemed "obscene." The term "obscenity" wasn't defined, but the statute did explicitly include anything used to cause an abortion.◙6A04B-G▔The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed split-jury verdicts for people accused of serious crimes in the landmark 2020 ruling Ramos v. Louisiana, righting a historical wrong propelled more than a century ago by white supremacy and xenophobic fervor. But the decision only applied to open cases and convictions that were under appeal at the time of the ruling. The justices left it to Oregon and Louisiana to decide whether to apply the decision retroactively and give inmates like Miller a second chance.∷1210Y0635P60DFT⏎One of three cases announced Monday concerns a local branch of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security that had operated inside an office building in Manhattan's Chinatown neighborhood before closing last fall amid an FBI investigation. The two men who were arrested were acting under the direction and control of a Chinese government official and deleted communication with that official from their phones after learning of the FBI's probe in an apparent effort to obstruct the inquiry, according to the Justice Department.】

✉"Diagnostics are at the foundation. We won't know what vaccines to develop or what therapeutics to develop if we don't know what people have in the first place."☁THJA224K035RJN↾Gabino Iglesias is an author, book reviewer and professor living in Austin, Texas. Find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.Θ

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