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⇨"Japan is standing on the verge of whether we can continue to function as a society," Kishida said in January. "Focusing attention on policies regarding children and child-rearing is an issue that cannot wait and cannot be postponed."↼


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GBU6JL-5306M3/45↶Wasserson also reached out to a United Airlines board member, who arranged for the airline to cover the cost of Orlov's flights to the U.S.♪MSCC60AM23C4AG○Prices rose 0.4% between March in April, with prices for housing, gasoline and used cars leading the way.♦


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TYS30101R5N-10↗So last December, Hinton made the decision to leave.↤SMAJ4733E3/TR13⇕Doane asked, "It is a relatively young unit. Was the sense that this was not important?"●

☆The senators cited disturbing results from a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, which found 42% high school students surveyed experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness over the last year.↳


♤Republican pollster Sarah Longwell, who is no Trump fan, found during one of her focus groups last week that, for the first time, not a single person said they would vote for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over Trump.⇙0805D150J501KHT✍Jim Matheson, CEO of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, praised the administration for the investment.▭WX095162WJ25238BJ2☍Before the vote, analysts had said the race looked to be tight and predicted Alegre could have a chance of unseating South America's longest-governing party, which has essentially ruled Paraguay uninterrupted since 1947.❤VJ1206A470JBBAT4X☊Negotiations had most recently centered on a waterfront site near downtown Oakland. Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao announced Wednesday night that the city had ceased those negotiations with the team, adding that she was "deeply disappointed" with the team's decision.⇩

░Zelenskyy will then participate in a session on Ukraine on Sunday, the final day of the summit.↲CDRH3D28/LDNP-101NC➝"She was all dolled up in cheap punky gear, the kind of club kid who looked absurdly out of place in a cardiac ward," he wrote. "She wasn't even interested in hearing me explain how much I liked her demo. 'The thing to do now,' she said, 'is sign me to a record deal.'"⇕


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