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✍Holmes's lawyers have been fighting her conviction on grounds of alleged mistakes and misconduct that occurred during her trial. They have also contended errors and abuses that biased the jury were so egregious that she should be allowed to stay out of prison while the appeal unfolds — a request that has now been rebuffed by both Davila and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.ღ


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C0805C123G8HACAUTO➽In a U.S. Senate hearing last week, Democratic New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver told lawmakers of dire staffing shortages because of threats against election workers, and highlighted election offices' needs for more resources to upgrade things like equipment and technology.✲VJ0402A3R3CXAPW1BC►Salinas did not fill out the forms entirely. And for one question, asking whether she has seen professional reviews of the materials, she replied, "I don't need it."⇓

◎It's not known how many documents were posted. CBS News has reviewed more than 50 that appear to be part of the leak. The documents reviewed cover the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China, Turkey, South Korea and Israel.★

◦That was Castellano's situation.☆


◆Employees to be hired under the new law will not all be auditors and many will be replacing workers who are expected to quit or retire, the IRS said. Armed special agents make up a small sliver of the IRS workforce.✲VJ0805Y681KLBAJ32⇦WOOD My name is Kristin Wood, and I was the chief of the Iraq terrorism branch and the Office of Terrorism Analysis in the Counterterrorism Center prior to the war with Iraq.➝EMX26T2R✡"Our definition is it's someone who's basically pointing out the truth and it just happens to disagree with the mainstream narrative we're known as misinformation spreaders, because what they're trying to do is they're trying to control the narrative," Kirsch told NPR.➥0805J0250392GCR♛Mass immunization campaigns with the more expensive yet safer injectable vaccine, he says, are nearly impossible in some of these places. There simply isn't the infrastructure or trained medical staff to carry out such campaigns.↝

➸Gerber added in the tweet: "Who is running Tesla and when is Elon coming back?"◦MIL8532-37L⇦South Korea has been requesting and the U.S. has been promising to give Seoul a bigger say in how to deter North Korea, including more joint planning, consultation and intelligence sharing.◑

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