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2225Y0160125MDT♟Then air travel demand returned much more quickly than airlines expected. Many tried to cash in with aggressive scheduling, but the staff was stretched too thin to meet that demand, especially during severe weather, which led flight crews to time out without fresh crew members to replace them. With planes and flight crews out of place and too few replacements available, it would take some airlines a week or more to get caught up from one series of thunderstorms.▂1808Y0500682FFR→"In what?" Popovich said. "They're dead. What are you going to assist with? Cleaning up their brains off the wall? Wiping the blood off the schoolroom floor? What are you going to assist with?"♨


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1206J1000472KDT•Martin: If I may ask, why were you reluctant to share that example?➶GRM033R71E181MA01D♦It's the first missile launch by North Korea in eight days, and comes five days after South Korea accused Pyongyang of flying five drones into South Korea's airspace for the first time since 2017.☛


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2SB1243TV2Q☼She said East Buffalo residents are split. "Some people are like, you know, we just have to move on. And then it's the other 50%, which are essentially the families. This still hurts, and this is still a big impact. And I'm still living through grief and through depression," she said.▊C0603C0G1E010C030BA☞"Election grants are not the problem, there's simply no evidence of it," Democratic state Rep. Saira Draper said during debate on the bill. "The real problem is cutting off lifelines to our chronically underfunded elections offices."❈

↗Security forces have since detained Khan's top aides, including his former foreign minister, information minister and finance minister. On Friday, Khan's party said security forces detained one of Khan's most prominent female allies, the former human rights minister, Shireen Mazari.➹


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1825AC333KAT9A↜She's applied for short term disability and is taking leave from work while she recovers physically and emotionally. Her young kids are trying to understand what happened, she says. "They know she passed away, they understand it," she says, but it's hard – they're emotional about it and have lots of questions. "Now they have to go to a funeral. Now they have to see her. Now they have to really understand what is going on."░1206Y0500153GCT☼Robbins didn't respond to NPR's repeated requests for comment.◩

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