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0805Y0500241FQT⊙Bulwa resident Musafiri Balume gave a similar account, saying he had lost a sister in the landslide, which occurred during heavy rains.IXGN82N120C3H1↓British political campaign group "Led By Donkeys" claimed responsibility for the stunt. In a statement, the group said: "Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Putin's imperialist invasion of Ukraine, an independent state and a people with every right to self-determination. The existence of a massive Ukrainian flag outside his embassy in London will serve to remind him of that."☀


◎In immigrant circles, notes pass from old-timers to newcomers: Did you know you don't have to have a Social Security number to apply for a credit card? Try with a taxpayer ID. Did you see that guy on campus, selling credit cards in a package with cheap international phones? Be careful.❏VJ0402D0R1DXAAP♂With the updated guidelines, most gay and bisexual men who are in a monogamous relationship with a man will no longer have to refrain from sex in order to donate blood.⊙HMK212C7474MGHTE□In a statement Monday after the attack, Capitol Police noted that USCP Chief Tom Manger recently testified about the heightened threat climate across the country.↝S100K25SL0P6UK5R↿That was 70 years ago, and Charles is making some changes for his own event.♢

☆Texas references and celebrities ran throughout the show. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith presented the first award.❏1808Y0160680FCT▋Durbin did not mention the shortcomings of any justice in particular.◀

➸NEW YORK — A 1,100-year-old Hebrew Bible that is one of the world's oldest surviving biblical manuscripts sold for $38 million in New York on Wednesday.⇟


✯The electoral commission has recognised "glitches" during the vote but has dismissed claims that the process was not free and fair.♣1808J1000562JDT↵"This is absolutely horrific," U.S. State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told reporters. "We condemn this apparent terrorist attack in the strongest terms. Our commitment to Israel's security remains ironclad, and we are in direct touch with our Israeli partners."❀LD031A5R6DAB2A▒Bolsonaro said he was being treated in Orlando for complications from an old stabbing, and it looks like he doesn't have plans to go anywhere anytime soon, even as some U.S. lawmakers call for him to be expelled from the country.▨CGA3E2C0G2A221J080AA↠And in restaurants, sales of Bud Light were 6% lower than other light lagers from April 2 to April 15, according to data from BeerBoard, a company that tracks beer sales at about 3,000 restaurants nationwide. Bud Light had outperformed that category in late March, Axios reported.▣

♧"Antidemocratic actions are far easier to pursue if state institutions receive limited scrutiny," Seifter said.◩0505J200P800HQT◑Diesel exhaust is a health hazard. According to California regulators, diesel emissions are responsible for some 70% of Californians' cancer risk from toxic air pollution. The rule would curb emissions on a class of engines that annually release more than 640 tons of tiny pollutants that can enter deep into a person's lungs and worsen asthma, and release nearly 30,000 tons of smog-forming emissions known as nitrogen oxides. The rule would also drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions from locomotives, by an amount akin to removing all heavy-duty trucks from the state by 2030.♭


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0805Y0160101MDT❀Similarly, a group of Wall Street and business leaders pressed negotiators to reach a deal and avoid default. In an open letter to Biden and congressional leaders sent Tuesday, the group — which includes executives at Goldman Sachs and Nasdaq — warned of the "potentially disastrous consequences of a failure by the federal government to meet its obligations."ⓛPM1210-330J☼Dozens of people were also wounded, they said.☆


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