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✤Context to know: DeSantis has characterized ESG as a “radical ideological agenda” and framed measures to curtail its use as part of his “anti-woke” campaign. Republicans in several other states have sought to blacklist banks that factor climate risks and social concerns into investment decisions. But not all have succeeded.✏0603YC122K4T2AºAccording to court papers, investigators found a tablet, a laptop and a gaming console — all of them smashed — in a dumpster at Teixeira's house after his arrest. Teixeira also allegedly told an associate online to delete all messages with him and that if anyone came asking questions about him, not to tell them anything. Prosecutors also say Teixeira began in February 2022 to access classified national defense information that had no bearing on his job. Not all of those materials have publicly surfaced yet.↜2225J2000473MDTⓔBut all that has changed. Antioch is now 36% white, 35% Latino, and 20% Black, according to the 2020 census. The shift happened both gradually and quickly. At first, Black people and other people of color moved here for the reasons everyone else did: bigger houses, better schools, a shot at the suburban American dream.¤0805F106M160CT❤PEN galas have long been a combination of literature, politics, activism and celebrity, with attendees ranging from Alec Baldwin to Sen. Angus King of Maine. Other honorees Thursday included "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels and the imprisoned Iranian journalist and activist Narges Mohammadi, who was given the PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write Award.㊣

☜After she died in 2016, Carter married again, in November 2019, to journalist and author Patricia Ann O'Brien after the two connected during a reunion at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism.⇙2SD571(1)-T(ND)-AZ♥Rivers was a sophomore on the all-Black Beach High School team that won the first Georgia High School Association basketball tournament to include Black and white players in 1967. He blossomed into an all-state player, graduating from the Savannah high school in 1969 and going on to be a small college All-American at Moberly Junior College in Missouri and an all-conference guard at what is now Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph.⇣

▌South Korean warplanes and helicopters failed to bring down any of the North Korean drones spotted south of the border before they flew back home or vanished from South Korean radar. One of them traveled as far as northern Seoul. That caused security jitters among many people in the South, for which the military offered a rare public apology Tuesday.♗


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VJ0603D910JLBAJ♣China should be a reporter's dream: more than one billion people, a rich history, and extraordinary linguistic and cultural diversity. And yet China-reporting these days resists the profile. Rarely do journalists based there get enough material to write up convincingly full-bodied portraits.❤HBZ331KBBCLAKR☚Not only was Thompson's cell filthy, but his body was covered in insect bites, including on his ears, mouth and nose, Crump said in a statement.☆


➡U.S. sanctions also targeted the junta-approved election commission, which last week gave political parties two months to re-register, in a sign the military might actually be planning new elections.↪C0805X620G3HAC7800▶"I do think that the question about privacy is important, but I also wonder whether people weight privacy as not being as important as it was in the past because they are so used to giving up their privacy and showing on social media facets of their lives that previous generations hadn't," Parry adds.⇓1206Y5000390FFT☆Camilla was crowned as queen shortly after, and sat alongside her husband in identical chairs as the choir began to sing.☝VLF302512MT-1R5N-CA☠MAKRIDIS: If I look at the body of the NIE, which had some mild caveats about some of the judgments, some of those caveats then got lost or just weren't fully articulated in the key judgments. And now you take it up another level and you have a speech to the UN and more of that gets lost. So what strikes me in listening to the Powell speech, when I did and then and then looking at these other documents, is that he's more definitive in his speech than if you read the whole NIE and you say, well, wait a second, that's not exactly what was said here. But then again, I said the caveats were mild. They got milder or disappeared in the key judgments. And then by the time of the speech, they were sort of gone. And so it was a it was a much more declarative, declarative statement.º

✌It's more acceptance than empathy. For my mom, I still don't understand when she chooses to lean one side and then swing to the other, but part of healing from trauma is accepting the circumstances. For her to support my journey as an artist is a bigger deal than I thought. I thank my lucky stars that she provided what she could.✥BSZ110N08NS5ATMA1▶Cynthia Halversion, a Colorado Springs resident testified against the bill to expand insurance coverage saying she worries it opens the door to "illegitimate practices and practitioners, to perform acts that are against the constitution of the United States of America and the safety and protection of all children."➮

⋄“Is this you?” he recalled asking, showing the man an image on his cellphone of a large, bearded police officer in the Robb Elementary School hallway.⇎


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