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1206J0160223MDT∷"We're digging into it," he wrote.❧1812J1000224JXR➡Section 230, however, also has a provision encouraging internet companies to police their platforms, so as to remove harassing, defamatory, and false content. And while some companies point to their robust efforts to take down such content, Twitter, the company that won Thursday's case, is now owned by Elon Musk who, since acquiring the company, has fired many of the people who were charged with eliminating disinformation and other harmful content on the site.✥


①On Jan. 11, the student was preparing to get off a public bus near the Bloomington campus when another passenger struck her repeatedly in the head with a folding knife. The attacker then walked away, leaving multiple stab wounds on the victim's head.●1206Y1500150JQT۰It's not only Italy that loses pieces of its history when artifacts are discovered in clandestine excavations and smuggled off to art dealers for profitable sales. Academic experts, deprived of valuable information about the context of the area where the objects were originally found, lose out on knowledge about past civilizations, too."❁VJ0805A101FXBMP▒The streaming company is limiting password sharing to people living in the same household. Account holders can add more people outside of the household for an extra $7.99 a month, or they can use the "transfer profile" feature to prompt extra users to make their own accounts that they pay for, Netflix said Tuesday.◐222523K61P20BQTAF9LM★"I look at a white nationalist as a Trump Republican," Tuberville said in the interview, which was obtained by NPR. "That's what we're called all the time. A MAGA Person."✪

▣When the Boston Globe's website briefly failed under high traffic, the outlet leaned on Twitter to keep publishing. Journalist Seth Mnookin successfully tracked the manhunt using social media, then traded his reporters' notebook for live note-taking on Twitter.◥2220Y0100272KCR↞A man fatally shot his girlfriend in Dallas on Wednesday because he was upset she'd gotten an abortion, court records allege.♦


◥U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Iraq Tuesday on an unannounced visit barely two weeks before the 20th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.웃MA1206CG180K500♨Joint security forces were deployed to the scene, said Tochukwu, but the gunmen managed to abduct two police operatives and a driver. A "rescue/recovery operation" was underway Tuesday evening, he added in his statement.▓APT30D20BCAGぃStudents in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction gather on the steps of the school's indoor auditorium to discuss a topic chosen by staff members. One recent morning, they talked about mental health and sobriety. A teenage boy dressed in tan corduroys, a black hoodie, and sneakers went first.◎2220Y0250270FCR卐California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 89, has not cast a vote since mid-February, as she continues to recover from shingles. Some of her Democratic colleagues have called on her to step down, including fellow Californian Rep. Ro Khanna, who told NPR: "I don't know any other job in America where you can't show up for months, you don't tell people when you're going to show up, you've been sort of absent for a year or two, and there are no consequences."↕

✿"Following this tragic incident, 20 people... lost their lives and others are missing for which search efforts are ongoing," a spokesperson for the North Kivu governor said in a statement on Monday.↺T707043354BY✒Following protesters' attacks on its installations, the military accused what it called "evil elements" of inciting the attacks and said protesters wanted to push Pakistan into "a civil war."░

⇍Responders found an adult male unresponsive at the scene, and he was later declared dead.➹


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MMBT3906WT1☺Airline passengers who run into problems from flight disruptions to lost luggage this summer can find out more about their rights and the airlines' responsibilities at the Department of Transportation's Office of Aviation Consumer Protection. The site also links to a dashboard listing which airlines are willing to pay for meals, ground transportation, hotels and other expenses incurred because of significant delays and cancellations that are the airline's fault. It also link to a site where consumers can file complaints.┱2200HT-150-V-RC∎People waiting at an unmarked city bus stop had been sitting on the curb, Maldonado told the news agency. He said most of the victims were Venezuelan men.⇁


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