MMBTA92,215 Specifications


↘Belén Gopegui has been one of Spain's major literary writers since her debut novel, La escala de los mapas, came out in 1993, but her fiction has rarely been translated into English. It's an oversight translator Mark Schafer is addressing with Stay This Day and Night with Me, released in Spain in 2017. The novel takes the form of a highly unusual job application sent to Google by a pair of shadowy people named Mateo and Olga. In a brief prologue, a Google HR employee describes the text as a letter that is, "at the same time, ...not a letter, it's a story. And if by story you understand a gymkhana of events, mysteries, and pursuits, then it isn't a story either."⇤ND430825♗Bob Iger, The Walt Disney Company's CEO, attributed the Disney+ downturn partly to a "maturation process." The streaming service launched in 2019, and in the beginning, Iger said their goal was to, "flood the digital shelves as much as possible." He said that lead to a lot of content that did not increase subscriptions and that the company plans to cut back on production.¤MD015A3R3DAB✦The president of the Israelite Consistory of the French southern city of Marseille, Michel Cohen-Tenoudji said Benjamin Haddad, a father of four, was a well-known, very active member of the local Jewish community.❤C0805C682J4RECAUTO"I am now uncomfortable in public washrooms," she says.↟

➨Russia has always denied any involvement in the downing of the flight over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, and refused to cooperate with the international investigation.▌2225J2K50392KXT⇈The new attack has brought the 2013 murders back under the spotlight with the Kurdish community asking why French authorities have still been unable to fully elucidate the case and say if there were accomplices or backers.❤

➘What's with Temi? We have to wait for the third section of the novel to hear her point of view, but there's no big reveal because by then we're pretty much onto her: She can't believe that her friend has betrayed their college understanding — to never marry and to live BMFM: "By Myself, For Myself." But for Temi, their pact meant undying allegiance to her.➧


☆The "disservice" quote about Malcolm X spread far beyond the pages of Playboy. It's included in The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King, Jr., which was assembled from King's words by historian Clayborne Carson.⚘1812Y6300332MXT♕"With its elegant, clear-glass bottle and crisp taste, Miller High Life has proudly worn the nickname 'The Champagne of Beers' for almost 120 years," Molson Coors Beverage Co. said in a statement to The Associated Press.☢CWR09MB474JC↯This new imagery helps convey both that sense of scale and level of detail, Weirich tells NPR.✍0805J0630120KQT☝As Tsai began her visit to Central and North America last week, her predecessor, Taiwan's former President Ma Ying-jeoh, was wrapping up a tour of various Chinese cities — the first time ever that a retired or former Taiwanese leader has visited mainland China.⇒

❤The trial featured testimony by current and former airline CEOs and economists who gave wildly different opinions on how the deal would affect competition and ticket prices.⇘TWCB686K030SLSZ0000ΘThe expedition deployed two submersibles, named Romeo and Juliet, some 2.3 miles below the surface to map every millimeter of the wreck site.♞


▀About half of the remains found during the recent excavation were buried alongside offerings, such as ceramic jugs goblets, dishes and glassware.ⓔ9230-94▥"Friendliness and cleanliness. That's the two key things," Horak says. "I mean you get the Wal-marts and Hy-Vees and stuff like that, but they're not gonna know you by name. We're gonna know you by name. We're gonna know what you want."♨VJ0603Y681KLJAJ32♨That brought hope of a reconciliation, Valentine Low, royal correspondent for the Times of London newspaper, told CBS News.JANTXV1N3035B-1◥As its name implies, clear-air turbulence occurs in the absence of clouds or bad weather. It's caused by wind shear — sudden changes in wind speed and direction — at altitudes above 15,000 feet.

♢The legislation allows authorities to bring felony human smuggling charges against anyone who “knowingly and willfully” transports an undocumented migrant into the state. It also bans those who are undocumented from driving a car even if they have a driver’s license from another state.⊡595D475X9010T8T☠"Due to the weightless nature of the substance, these materials were lifted into the air as the smoke rose and fell back to the ground as debris."∷


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  3. DB3-TP
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  5. SCEP147S-R90

C1206X111M3HAC7800⇧Disney said in its statement that the agreement was based on a comprehensive plan that state officials approved last summer.↥0505Y1000100KQT↩"This is a blatant violation of our national sovereignty," Michael Driscoll, the head of New York's FBI field office, said at a news conference announcing the cases.▯

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