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C0805C302K4HACAUTO♂Karnataka is the second state Modi's party has lost to the Congress in the last six months. In December, the Congress unseated BJP in northern Himachal Pradesh, a small state tucked in the Himalayas.✄1808Y2000101JDT➬North Dakota lawmakers have appointed a Chippewa woman as the state's poet laureate, making her the first Native American to hold this position in the state and increasing attention to her expertise on the troubled history of Native American boarding schools.◆

⇦For Taiwan, Tsai's stop in California and her meeting with McCarthy serve as reassurance that the U.S. — by far the island's most important partner, even though it does not officially recognize Taipei — remains firmly supportive of the island. She is due to step down next year and will not seek reelection.↺


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C0603C181K3RACTU❖The treaty will create a new body to manage conservation of ocean life and establish marine protected areas in the high seas. And Clark said that's critical to achieve the U.N. Biodiversity Conference's recent pledge to protect 30% of the planet's waters, as well as its land, for conservation.⇄AQ142M391GAJME❀Earlier this year, the police department announced additional ways to adopt a policy of less-lethal-force. That includes increased supervision by superiors and more protective equipment for officers. The changes were unveiled in March following a review of all 18 officer-involved shootings in 2022.▰


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1N4148WS-HE3-18⊠Scott declined to give details on how they linked the death to Momeni or how the men knew each other. The chief also refused to disclose a possible motive for the killing.◫ISC1812EB1R2K◆"The way in which he can go and get a job in the same field should be illegal. For a typical citizen, we aren't able to re-enter certain fields, if we're fired from them. That carries with you," she told member station WFPL.♡

❧Now, policymakers may explore changes in the deposit insurance system. Some have argued the $250,000 cap on insured deposits is too low, especially for businesses with large payrolls. But insuring unlimited deposits would be costly. The ten largest accounts at Silicon Valley Bank held a total of $13.3 billion.▶


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