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⇆Propelled by her newfound passion for bringing her ancestors and their stolen possessions home, Perry digs into her internship with gusto. But when her sense of duty to her ancestors sings louder than her respect for rules and process, she begins to engage in activities that may get her into deeper trouble than she could have imagined. For Sugar Island has its monsters — Perry's Auntie Daunis knows this all too well — and at least one of them is intent on stealing the lives of living Anishinaabe women as well as their dead. Perry will need the combined power of her family, her community, and her ancestors to bring justice to bear.⇇


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C330C184F2G5TA7301✏Walls then grabbed Pope by the wrist, and Chauvin hit him in the head with a metal flashlight, strangled him, shoved him against the wall and "applied a neck restraint to John Pope that rendered John Pope unconscious," the city said.▱VJ0603D270GLBAC♀Kirby ticked off a list of actions taken by Trump that impacted the withdrawal: "When President Trump took office, there was more than 10,000 American troops in Afghanistan. He took it down to 2,500. He negotiated the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners that were being held by the Ghani government without consultation with the Ghani government. He negotiated the Doha Agreement with the Taliban without the Ghani government in the room. And he all but froze the Special Immigrant Visa program, which had been providing opportunities for some of our Afghan allies to get out of the country and to come — and to come back."●


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1812Y0100225KXR▥"A country that is growing in its majority population of non-whites," Khalil Gibran Muhammad says, "has compelled the Republican Party to engage in unconstitutional practices of one kind or another in an effort to retain and or grab as much power as they can."♣2220J0160122JCR☠Each year more than a million Americans die from diet-related diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer, according to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. And people living at a lower socioeconomic level are disproportionately affected by diet-related chronic disease. The NIH aims to recruit people from a range of diverse backgrounds to participate in the study.❒


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VJ0402D5R6BLXAC⇍"These independent, small town stores don't have as much buying power as some of the larger chains that you'll find in urban areas," Carver says.☚2220Y0250470FCT◘The Fulton County Sheriff's Office told NPR member station WABE it has launched an investigation into Thompson's death. The sheriff's office also acknowledged that the facility is "dilapidated and rapidly eroding" — adding that officials have approved $500,000 to address the issue of pests.→


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FQB27P06TM◎Tensions have simmered along the Lebanese border in recent weeks as Israel appears to have ratcheted up its shadow war against Iranian-linked targets in Syria, another close ally of Iran, Israel's archenemy in the region.▩MA0805XR751K500◈Alegre, a lawyer who heads the Liberal party, the second-largest political force in Congress, was making his third bid for the presidency, though this time he represented a mix of political parties.◢

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