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⊙The following is a transcript of an interview with Sen. Mark Kelly, Democrat of Arizona, that aired on "Face the Nation" on April 16, 2023.↼GJM0335C2A3R8CB01W↖Israel captured the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians seek those territories for their future independent state.▽RD30E-TB-AZ➸"The Chinese called it eating bitterness — suffering and enduring," Branigan writes of this self-imposed silence. "Yet it embodied powerlessness, a tragic fatalism. It was all that was left when everything had been stripped from you — the choice of those who had no choice."➧0603Y2005P60DAT⇆"There just isn't this broader knowledge that each region has its own endemic fungal biodiversity. Death caps are not everywhere. They are native to some places [Europe], invasive in others [North America], and totally absent from other places." Pringle says.←

↶Though few concrete details are offered up in this subtle, elegant tale of childhood trauma and resilience, what becomes clear is that a young girl, and her somber, disconsolate sibling, grew up with a mother who struggled with a serious and debilitating mental illness. In the few early scenes in which the mother is pictured, she is depicted through a pane of glass or across a threshold. The daughter cannot access a ghostly presence that is nearly always at a distance. Her longing — for connection, for touch — is nonetheless apparent in every plant leaf she strokes, every seedling she concentrates on, waiting, first as a child, later as an adult, to see if she can apprehend its growth.↗GRM1887U1H822FA01D↬"When we saw the data come in it was all worth it," Seiffert says. "The level of detail we saw and recorded was extraordinary."➥


✌Barring the unexpected, the victory also assures that liberals will hold a majority on the court ahead of next year's presidential election, when Wisconsin — the perennial swing state — is expected to again be pivotal in the race for the White House. If election lawsuits are filed in state court, Protasiewicz will be one of the seven justices who have the final say.⇒VJ0402Y182JLAAJ32↘Some motorbikes remained intact while others were reduced to their frames or buried under tree branches. In one area, two victims lay close together, one of whom had only one arm still attached.☀GRM033R71H331KA12J▱The flooding also closed the airport for almost two days. Gas deliveries to the port were also slowed, causing long lines at the pump.▥C1206X103J1RECAUTO➣Network spokeswoman Isabel Lara said since all of the news organization's tweets now carry a "false disclaimer," the organization has decided to halt tweets until the label is removed.▬

♀Health ministry spokesman Emmanuel Ainebyoona said in an invitation to journalists that the "declaration ceremony" will take place in the central district of Mubende, the epicenter of the outbreak.↦C0603C332G8HAC7867☏"What Tesla is contending is deeply troubling to the Court," Judge Evette Pennypacker wrote in a ruling ordering Musk to testify under oath.↠


◥"I was the likely target, not my wife," Di Nino said. "But he moved on after shooting her. That's the thing that is running through my head right now."♨C1206C511M4HAC7800۰The choir's first performance was a few days after their arrival at the prestigious Crystal Palace, a huge cast iron and glass structure. The event was a competition for choirs, and close to 30,000 people attended, according to Jaffer.☼FZT489TC▅"There's always a risk that mischief will be done," says Kirtley, a noted advocate for press rights. "If you can make the case go away, that's a win."↻GA1210Y684KXXAT31G↣The Committed to America PAC will be co-chaired by former Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, and Scott Reed, who managed the 1996 presidential campaign for former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole.◎

▣His family, who announced the news via social media, said he died on Friday but did not give a cause of death.↱SI4544DY-T1-E3█Inslee said the state spent $42.50 per pill, at a total cost of $1,275,000 for 30,000 pills.↡

✎The story is a multi-layer, complex conversation that tackles a few things about the publishing industry at once. The topic of cultural appropriation galvanizes the entire story and at various angles challenges the idea of what kind of stories writers are allowed to write given their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. In one scene, June is challenged by a Chinese American reader on why she thinks it's okay to write and profit from painful Chinese history. She responds, "I think it's dangerous to start censoring what authors should and shouldn't write...I mean, turn what you're saying around and see how it sounds. Can a Black writer not write a novel with a white protagonist?"❀


◐It made Hinton feel like he wasn't getting "a real college football experience," especially coming from Georgia, where college football doesn't take a back seat to anything. And perhaps most importantly, he couldn't see a path to going pro.◐2225Y1K20563MXTⓥAfter the catastrophic events of Sept. 11, 2001, Kushner's meditation on Psalm 23 became a best-seller, offering guidance on how to find faith and courage in the midst of unbearable tragedy.↔LB2518T1R5M◆The 2018 midterms — the first major national contests after former President Donald Trump's election — saw slightly higher turnout than last year's races.♭1026R-04K➸After more than a decade, that moment finally came Wednesday night. As the Pirates headed into the bottom of the 8th inning with a 7-run lead, Pittsburgh's manager turned to 33-year-old Maggi to let him know he'd be going in as a pinch hitter.

♦Last year, Merchan oversaw the closely watched criminal tax fraud case against Trump's company, which was ultimately found guilty by a Manhattan jury. Trump himself was not a defendant in that case.▣0603J010P470BCT❈Finding a place to safely store spent nuclear fuel is a problem that other nations using the technology face, including the United States. Still, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has said that nuclear power will "play a critical role in America's clean energy future." This week, she welcomed Japan's decision to restart many of its reactors.◎

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