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2225Y4K00180GCR➻In Khartoum and Omdurman, fighting was also reported around Khartoum International Airport and state television headquarters. A senior military official said clashes with RSF fighters began earlier in the day around military headquarters.▼1812Y2500152JCT➶Some Democrats in the House read Mueller's report as a "road map" to impeachment. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not support calls for impeachment at that time. (She later supported impeachment proceedings over Trump's pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joseph Biden, who would be Trump's opponent in 2020.)✍


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GRM0336T1E2R5CD01D▰While the United Kingdom isn't the only European country to have a royal family, its royals are the only ones who use regalia in coronations. Other monarchies, such as Norway and the Netherlands, have regalia on display but don't use it in ceremonies.⏎0805Y2500332JXR❈"If small businesses can't borrow, they won't be able to add new location. They won't be able to buy new equipment," Pollak said. "So we could see a pull-back in small business hiring."☟

웃Since being forced from his premiership four years into his five-year term, Khan has been accused of wrongdoing in more than 100 legal cases — a frequent hazard for opposition figures in Pakistan, where rights groups say the courts are used to quash dissent by the military-backed government.☃

✡His wife, children and grandchildren are all abroad. He says the restoration work makes him feel useful during this war.☃


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2220Y6300224KXR⇉A spokeswoman for trade group Airlines for America said the majority of cancellations this year have been caused by severe weather and air traffic control outages – about 1,300 flights were canceled in one day because of an outage in a Federal Aviation Administration safety-alerting system.㊣1812YA250151GCRSY2☭Eight decades later, some evidence is fading away under the pressures of time and mass tourism. Hair sheered from victims to make cloth is considered a sacred human remain which cannot be photographed and is not subjected to conservation efforts. It is turning to dust.웃


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