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◥Davis pleaded guilty last year to charges tied to welfare misspending in state's largest public corruption case, including $160,000 spent on drug rehabilitation in Malibu, California, for former pro wrestler Brett DiBiase, the brother of Ted DiBiase Jr.

WOOD: No ties to 9/11 in terms of either direction, control or even foreknowledge.↕

▶"We do not organize spontaneous rallies in order to play with people's emotions," Vucic insisted. "Ours will be a rally of unity, when we will announce important political decisions."☻


♐The Environmental Protection Agency also has a say in the matter: The agency regulates phosphogypsum, and any plan to use it in roads would require a review, the EPA told NPR.█CWR09NC475JB\TR100♐Neuschafer's closest rival, Abhilash Tomy, an Indian navy commander, is about a day behind her. Another competitor, Austrian sailor Michael Guggenberger, is not expected to finish for several more days.ღCKR23CG102KM☺"Tucker is a chameleon," Ryan said. "He's very good at reading the room and figuring out where the right-wing base is at and adapting to give them as much red meat as they want."↩DE1B3RA681KA4BQ01F▦The more scientists learn, the more they realize that the start of pregnancy isn't a moment, but a process that often ends before it really begins. As many as 1 in 3 fertilized eggs either won't implant or will end in miscarriage. In fact, most pregnancy loss happens before the fertilized egg implants.▐

▒The U.S. is among several countries to have closed their embassies and evacuated their staff and families.↥1210J0500182JXR⇗That dragged down other European banks after the collapse of some U.S. banks stirred fears about the health of global banks. European bank shares recovered a bit Thursday, with the Euro Stoxx Banks index of 21 leading lenders up 1.6%, following a steep 8.4% drop Wednesday. Bank stalwarts like Commerzbank, Santander, Unicredit and Raiffaisen all rose more than 2%.▨


•Detailed analysis would need to be carried out on the samples taken during the excavations the team completed in November.❧0805Y3000240JQT⇔Across Ukraine in Lviv, Bohdan's mom, Viktoria, is still adamant that Bohdan doesn't forget what's happening in his country.They frequently visit the Lychakiv cemetery, just a few blocks from their apartment, to pay tribute to those who have died in this war.▶LQM2HPNR47MG0L•Farid worries about a world in which people no longer believe documented evidence of "police violence, human rights violations, a politician saying something inappropriate or illegal."✿VJ0603A151KXJCW1BC◘Kirby and the NSC report said lessons learned in Afghanistan have been applied in countries like Ethiopia and Ukraine.큐

あ"Most of you in this room, when we were in school, we worried if Nancy would dance with us on Friday after the football game or something," he said. "That was our anxiety."×C410C369D3G5TA7200❀In a sense, Pando "redefines trees," says Lance Oditt, who directs the nonprofit Friends of Pando.✌

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