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◙"If we turned ourselves in, we might be deported or detained or jailed," Gonzalez said in Spanish. "And I feel a lot of doubt and fear."❈C1812C562J5GACTU◀""I've worked in water my entire career and one of our sayings is never waste a good crisis,"" he said, standing next to a field of purposely flooded grape vines at a vineyard north of Fresno. ""This is our chance for everyone to be aware of what's possible."""♥GCG155R71E562KA01J웃The move infuriated Jefferson, and he swore never to send Callender any more money.【1008R-082K▓Schools in Little Rock, Arkansas, canceled Wednesday classes because the storms were expected to move through the area during the morning rush, KFVS-TV reported.↟

▇He's also become increasingly repressive — especially after a 2016 coup attempt — with his government jailing journalists, critics and thousands of perceived opponents. Tens of thousands have been purged from government jobs, suspected — often without evidence — of supporting the coup attempt. He stacked the courts with his choices, and even replaced elected mayors in some cities with his loyalists.◘CDR32BP102BKUP\M▤So last December, Hinton made the decision to leave.◈


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CWR09MC105KBB↘More than two-thirds of those deaths were linked to fentanyl and other synthetic opioids, which have largely replaced heroin and prescription opioids.✂1PMT5935BT1⊙She married Stanley A. Earley Jr., settling in Dayton, Ohio, and raising two children, Stanley A. Earley III and Judith Earley, both of whom attended the ceremony.☂

▇The Chinese military announced the start of three-day "combat readiness patrols" as a warning to Taiwanese who want to make the island's de facto independence permanent. The People's Liberation Army gave no indication whether they might include a repeat of previous exercises with missiles fired into the sea, which disrupted shipping and airline flights.□

◎The rights organization has repeatedly flagged authorities' targeting of journalists, coupled with a broader crackdown on dissent that "has emboldened Hindu nationalists to threaten, harass and abuse journalists critical of the Indian government."↘


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VS-25FR20➽"This doesn't have to do with San Francisco, this has to do with human nature," Scott said.⇩C0805C112G8HACAUTO❈Comedian is the centerpiece of a large exhibition of Cattelan's art at the Leeum that's going on through July. The banana art is even emblazoned on a special coffee cup to herald the 38 works.⇝


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