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➫Rushdie was clearly elated to attend the gala, but his voice sounded frailer than it once did and the right frame of his glasses was dark, concealing the eye blinded by his attacker.⊙135D167X9050K6∴As the first Korean act to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart and to grab Grammy Awards nominations, BTS has achieved unprecedented success, especially in the United States.➽1210J0160180GCT▔"As much evidence as we've seen, there still is plenty more that hasn't been made public. In a trial, the documents and statements that have been redacted, which are likely to constitute some of the most damning evidence against Fox, would have been revealed," said Tom Wienner, a retired Michigan corporate litigator who has been following the case closely at NPR's request.❏MA1210YV225Z100▎"This particular decision hurts the poor the most in Afghanistan; those who have no voice and have the most to lose."↜

♣Chances appear to favor Pearson's return: Commissioner Erika Sugarmon told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that the former lawmaker has enough supporters sitting in the commission, which has a Democratic supermajority, to get him successfully reappointed.○0603J1000330KFT⊙Amanda Gorman's poetry has heralded a presidential inauguration and a U.N. General Assembly — but access to it is now restricted at a Miami-Dade County school, the latest casualty in the fight over library books.⇙


✂The training at Fort Sill was first reported by CNN.☀VJ1812A150GNHAR↬In Ukraine, through a videographer friend of his daughter's documenting the war, he was also connected to Vladyslav Orlov, a special operations Ukrainian soldier who in October had been severely injured by a Russian explosive device.♚1210J0160272KCR▨An internal investigation has been launched into the officer in question, who was a senior constable with 12 years of experience. The officer, whose name was not released by police, has been transferred to "nonoperational" duties.↿CDR32BP102BKMPAR▉So, what now?⇪

⇐More than 20 women employed in various capacities were part of the regional UN office where Mohammad works. NPR reached out to several Afghan women employees of the U.N. who confirmed that they had been benched but said they did not want to elaborate on the extent of ban and how it impacted their work.☁3094-474KS◇Both banks had a large share of deposits that exceeded the usual FDIC insurance limit of $250,000 — putting them at high risk of rapid withdrawals if customers got spooked.☣


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MJF3055GღThen air travel demand returned much more quickly than airlines expected. Many tried to cash in with aggressive scheduling, but the staff was stretched too thin to meet that demand, especially during severe weather, which led flight crews to time out without fresh crew members to replace them. With planes and flight crews out of place and too few replacements available, it would take some airlines a week or more to get caught up from one series of thunderstorms.↕SBYV26CHE3/54♥Lee Sang-jin, a former head of a local company that imports sex dolls, welcomed the customs service's decision.♐


☠Attending college on financial aid was Chung's first opportunity to build a more stable economic foundation, but her ascension up the class ladder was not seamless. She and her husband experienced times when money was tight as they were building their careers and family on the East Coast. Still, as she takes pains to acknowledge, she was better off than her parents ever would be: "Our 'broke' bore no resemblance to my parents' 'broke,' because ours was finite and because we always had other options: we could have quit our graduate programs, avoided having children, tried to pursue more lucrative careers."☝1812J0500682MXT▆Unlike the excavation in the 1800s, this time the team plans to remove everything from the necropolis for analysis.▒C317C152GAG5TA7301To hear the sheriff tell it, inmate John Manchec wanted his scheduled colonoscopy to be the stuff of James Bond films, an action-packed prelude to his life after escaping from jail — one hopefully spent basking on his 145-foot yacht and holing up in his French castle. Instead, investigators thwarted his alleged escape plan, and the multimillionaire remains in a Florida jail cell facing dozens of child pornography charges that could send him to prison for what amounts to a life sentence.➺1N5913BE3/TR13☛With the COVID national emergency order set to end, keeping COVID-related grievances alive in the courts may also help sustain the larger movement against vaccines.☂

➺To keep the rocks from tearing at their feet, the women wear rubber slippers. They strap on goggles since they'll be underwater with frequent dives each lasting up to 2-3 minutes over a 5-6 hour day. They're mastered the art of holding their breath during these dives.♂VJ1812Y331JXPAT5Zⓛ"Any blood that is lost after childbirth, after the delivery of placenta, all of that goes into the drape," says Coomarasamy.

卐U.S. Ambassador John Godfrey tweeted that he woke to disturbing sounds of gunfire and was now sheltering along with U.S. Embassy staff in Khartoum.◊


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