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¤John Di Nino, who is president of the board, said he thinks the gunman meant to shoot him instead of his wife, but she answered the door.┱


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C1632X5R1H103M070AC£Transgender activists in Pakistan said they plan to appeal to the highest court in the land an Islamic court's ruling that guts a law aimed at protecting their rights.✪1N967B TR PBFREE☆Heavy rains in recent days have brought misery to thousands in East Africa, including in parts of Uganda and Kenya.☈

♐MARGARET BRENNAN: There were reports that Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, has been talking to the Biden administration. Is that a way around that?


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MA0402CG471K100↠The majority of murders in South Africa are not crime-related, but result from arguments and misunderstandings, the report found.↬MA0402CG2R2D250✍Carroll, 79, started testifying Wednesday and, under questioning by her own lawyer, told jurors how a chance encounter with Trump at the store in spring 1996 turned from flirtatious frivolity in the desolate lingerie section into a violent sexual attack.✍


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C1210X224M8JACAUTO↾She took the next plane back to the United States and on the flight, the symptoms became "very strange, through the whole body and with pronounced numbness."♨2220J2500181JCT•Francis was hospitalized March 29-April 1 for treatment of bronchitis. Still recovering, he skipped the traditional Good Friday procession at Rome's Colosseum due to unseasonably cold nighttime temperatures.★

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