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⇧Data shows a 12% rise in fatal crashes involving at least one distracted driver, with 3,522 people killed. That prompted the agency to kick off a $5 million advertising campaign in an effort to keep drivers focused on the road. Agency officials said such cases likely are under-reported by police.♈

﹌Richmond Mayor Dave Snow said earlier last week that the owner of the former business on the site, My Way Trading, had been ordered to clean up the property but ignored the order.の


➝"Despite knowing that Williams died after buying the DTO's product, the DTO has continued to sell fentanyl- laced heroin, in broad daylight, amidst residential apartment buildings," the complaint says.◀199D226X0016D1V1E3↛Another set of skeletal remains, discovered by contractors doing work near the marina, also belong to a drowning victim: Donald P. Smith, a 39-year-old North Las Vegas man who died in April 1974.✲5NR681KADCH▂The strange omens don't stop there. On the same day as Betty's birth, which we're told is relatively soon after 9/11, the Rummani family's ancestral soap factory is bombed by the Israeli army in the Palestinian city of Nablus (in a likely echo of the two soap factories destroyed there in 2002). Even though Betty's grandmother, Saeeda, had already sold the factory long ago — to the horror of the rest of the Rummanis — the building was nevertheless a part of the family history, a place that once upon a time made soap so blue that it dyed the skin of its users the same shade. Coincidence? Maybe, and maybe not. It depends, really, on who is telling the story.▪GA0805Y102JXBBC31G◈North Korea has maintained a rigid blockade since the start of the pandemic, but does allow some trade with China.あ

↛This muddled legal landscape is fueling a deep sense of anxiety on each side of the debate, even as the biggest legal challenges surrounding non-unanimous convictions appear settled. Those who oppose revisiting old cases worry about retraumatizing victims and the added strain on prosecutors at a moment when violent crime rates are on the rise. Reform advocates say failure to act on behalf of people who were unconstitutionally convicted will only further erode faith in the justice system.☜M39003/01-6075H◇There have been 146 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year, according to data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive.✒


➹Housing inflation is expected to decline at some point, but perhaps not as quickly as some had hoped, after a sharp drop in March.◎1206Y0250822GFT▆Graham said he hoped Feinstein would be back soon, but that adding a Democrat to her place while she is away would allow support for "a handful of judges that I think should never be on the bench."¤0603J0635P60DCT▨Unfortunately, even this goes down in flames. Roman has gotten wise to the fake numbers and the potential for disaster, so he declines the flight jacket Kendall has made for him and he backs out, weasel-style, saying maybe he's not as qualified to sell this as Kendall.↘1210Y0250183MDR卐In Germany, more than 1,000 officers searched dozens of homes, offices and stores in the states of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia, prosecutors said in a joint statement. Over 30 suspects who had outstanding warrants were arrested.↘

❈Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte said Thursday in a statement that he had "received an informational briefing" Wednesday "on the situation involving a suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over Montana," and added that he was "deeply troubled by the constant stream of alarming developments for our national security."♪SQCFVA240FAT1A◫Carroll made her claim public in 2019 when she published her memoir, What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal. Trump repeatedly denied the claims — including, famously, calling Carroll "not my type" — and he accused her of making up the story in order to sell more books. After she went public, she was fired by Elle magazine.◇


▣Despite the hardships of the tour to Britain, Charlotte Manye and some of the original choir members went on a second tour two years later, this time to the United States, according to Katie Manye. Again, it ended badly, Erlmann says, with managers once again abandoning the tour, leaving the choir to fend for themselves.▽08052C102KAJ2A▨And they transformed the entire K-pop industry in their wake.◤GA1210Y684KXXAT31G✆After learning Hao, 20, was a fan, Harden FaceTimed him and donated money and shoes, and promised to bring him to a game.↱CM453232-471JL✎The City of Memphis declined to comment on the lawsuit.❀

♬Gold also writes that manufacturers must do recalls, not equipment manufacturers like ARC. NHTSA's recall demand, he wrote, exceeds the agency's legal authority.❉SZMMSZ4691T1G〓She also spoke to women and girls about the issue of sexual abuse – a problem during the pandemic when families were often confined to their home during lockdowns – and referred people to the authorities for help.◦

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