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▫There are obvious obstacles to reporting that humanizes, such as the constant surveillance and the threat of state retaliation taken against foreign and Chinese reporters. The state often intimidates sources for speaking to journalists as well, and a nervous interviewee will not divulge enough detail to create an intimate rendering of a person's life.✦

☀""I've worked in water my entire career and one of our sayings is never waste a good crisis,"" he said, standing next to a field of purposely flooded grape vines at a vineyard north of Fresno. ""This is our chance for everyone to be aware of what's possible."""☆


❏The origins of chlamydia in koalas aren't confirmed, but scientists believe it's likely the marsupials initially caught the disease from exposure to the feces of infected sheep and cattle. Then it's spread sexually, or passed from mother to offspring.↻2220Y2000823KXR£Magnolia Brown is 19 years old, broke, alone, grieving, and pregnant. Her grandmother, Mama Brown, who took her in because her mother struggled with addiction and money, just died and left Magnolia at the mercy of a predatory landlord. Magnolia works a crappy job at a gas station and spends some of her time there hanging out with a silent homeless man she calls Cigarette Sammy. One night, a man named Cotton shows up at the gas station with blood on his hands and offers Magnolia a modeling job at his funeral home. Magnolia is hesitant to take the strange man up on his offer, but rent is due and she has no other opportunities lined up, so she takes a chance and goes to the funeral home. The offer from Cotton turns out to be real, and Magnolia soon finds herself turning into different people with the help of Cotton's partner, a hard-drinking woman named Eden who can use makeup to turn her into almost anyone.⇩CDR32BX393AKWSAJ♚But opponents say such care is vital and often life-saving for trans kids, and medical providers say most of the procedures are reversible and safe. Transgender medical treatments for children and teens have also been available in the U.S. for more than a decade and are endorsed by major medical associations.✄FK11X7R2A105KN006☻"I didn't come this far to back down and give him money," she said. "I did nothing wrong but stand up to him and prove that I wasn't lying."♀

↩The ruling is a major victory for the Biden administration, which has used aggressive enforcement of antitrust laws to fight against mergers and other arrangements between large corporations.☢12063C332JAT2A◀The Reconstruction-era precedent, Krishnakumar says, "highlights the fact that this is an unusual, rare step for a legislature to take — and that it's something legislatures don't tend to do in times of normal politics."☺


♧In a recent report, the U.N. refugee agency describes the dynamics of border crossings in and out of Ukraine as "pendular," noting that people tend to travel back and forth, rather than exclusively out of the country. Mirroring this definition are the hesitations of those Ukrainians who try to navigate the precarious dynamics of displacement and family separation.◘TAZB105K020LBLC0924▃Last week, officers with the Farmington, N.M., Police Department responded to a call of a domestic violence incident. Police mistakenly arrived at the wrong house and shot and killed Robert Dotson after he opened his door armed with a handgun.✄MCC501-14IO2♠The original 1986 theme for the game Super Mario Bros. has also been selected, in what's hard not to see as a clever cross-promotional move, right when a movie version is storming theaters.↷GA1206A562GBABT31G⇡Salinas also filed complaints about four other books: The ABCs of Black History; Cuban Kids; Countries in the News Cuba; and Love to Langston.☇

☃Sudan experienced a "near-total collapse" of internet and phone service Sunday, according to the monitoring service NetBlocks.❥2225J0500331JFT▋"In line with Administration policy and statutory requirements, departments and agencies will continue to provide timely access to medical care, examine reports thoroughly, support research efforts, and process HAVANA Act payment requests, based on eligibility criteria set forth in implemented regulations," said the Biden administration's AHI Interagency Coordinator Maher Bitar. "Our commitment to the health and safety of U.S. Government personnel remains unwavering."♪


✄Bayer said, "We were the victims of an international fraud. So, we learned. It was an uncomfortable lesson for us."♣1812J2K00272JXRºBut the justices, for now, left the case in the hands of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has scheduled oral arguments in the case for May 17. However the 5th Circuit rules, the case will almost certainly end up back at the Supreme Court, with the potential for a decision in the case next term.£1812GC202MATME█Experts told The Associated Press that these programs could have a significant impact for rural America. "The ERA Program has the potential to help rural electric co-ops and municipal co-ops move the needle toward a cleaner, less carbon-intensive electricity mix," said Felix Mormann, a professor of law at Texas A&M University who specializes in energy law and policy.↙8532-26L▄The United Nations rights chief on Wednesday urged Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to block an anti-LGBTQ bill passed this week that prescribes harsh penalties, including death and life imprisonment.☀

◀The sheriff said his deputies had been to the suspect's home at least once before and spoken with him about "shooting his gun in the yard," the AP reported.❁C323C562FAG5TA】Current Antioch Police Chief Steven Ford, who is Black, came from San Francisco police to lead the department a year ago. At the first council meeting after the scandal broke, he said that he is trying not to reform, but to reframe policing there. "We're going to shift how things are done structurally, how they are done politically, how they are done administratively," he said.↯

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