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◐The standards would need approval from the Biden administration to move forward. They follow rules approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to cut emissions from heavy trucks.ASPI-0310FS-150M-T2➳The House Judiciary Committee and Bragg have been sparring since it became clear that Trump would be indicted.➲5NR102MEDCA✄"Quite literally the last thing you want is PR where your movement is being associated with violence," Ziegler said.☚1808J0250273GFR↕About 94% of nurses who responded to the AMN Healthcare survey said that there was a severe or moderate shortage of nurses in their area, with half saying the shortage was severe. And around 89% of registered nurses (RNs) said the nursing shortage is worse than five years ago.Θ

❃Some of these difficulties stem from traumas students have experienced, including sex and drug trafficking, and abandonment. Students also deal with traumas they have caused, Kitchens said, actions that landed them in jail or on probation.▦CGA5L2X5R1C475M160AA¤If convicted of the federal charges, he would have faced a maximum sentence of 20 years for each of four counts of wire fraud, plus a maximum of 10 years for each of two counts of embezzling funds from an organization receiving more than $10,000 in federal benefits.↚


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TBJD106M025CBSC0023▥The nerve agent was also used in an attempted murder in 2018 of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the English city of Salisbury.♕S0402-68NF3S☼While the matter seems to be headed toward a resolution between the district and the Education Department, the roster of speakers at a recent Forsyth board meeting suggest that the debate over potentially banning more books isn't going away.☭


✑"The female attacked me once — the first pair that arrived — because she had recently given birth," he said.↳1812J0500182GFR卍"We've learned that there's been situations where officers are out there patrolling the streets without having the requisite training or license," Jones said.○CDR01BP100BKWRAB卍The department said publishers could appeal any rejections and that the approved textbooks can now be purchased by public school districts across the state.⇖T491B475K016ATZQ017280❉DHAKA, Bangladesh — Thousands of people hunkered down Sunday in monasteries, pagodas and schools, seeking shelter from a powerful storm that slammed into the coast of Myanmar, tearing the roofs off buildings and killing at least three people.➞

✁Mississippi has ranked among the poorest states in the U.S. for decades, but only a fraction of its federal welfare money has been going toward direct aid to families. Instead, the Mississippi Department of Human Services allowed well-connected people to fritter away tens of millions of welfare dollars from 2016 to 2019, according to the state auditor and state and federal prosecutors.♥2220J0250332KFT■"Our top priority is the safety, quality and effectiveness of the drug products available to the American public," the FDA said.✿


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TSZL52C2V7 RWG①NPR's Michele Kelemen contributed reporting.⊙MJD340T4G→Other researchers agree that O. volvulus is likely involved with nodding syndrome, but with caveats. "There's clearly an association with the onchocerciasis, but that only gets you so far," said Dowell, the former CDC researcher who is now a deputy director with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. River blindness, he added, is caused by a worm, and "worms don't usually cause seizures."☆

♤The single mom, who shares an auto insurance plan with two of her daughters, is still worried that the agreement could somehow fall through and that she'd be on the hook for the rest of the loan she took out to purchase the Forte.☍


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